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Since the launch of our campaign, we have received many wonderful testimonials from alumni recounting their experiences at the university and telling us why they want to Save UE. This page contains excerpts from just a few.

Kelly Nixon
Class of 2019

“As a previous Admissions Ambassador, I spent years giving tours with the phase, ‘facts tell, but stories sell’ at the forefront of my mind. As an Ambassador, most of my stories revolved around the amazing faculty. I would walk through Koch talking about how it wasn’t unusual for a professor happily to meet me at 7am in their office to answer yet another last-minute question, and how I could spend hours talking to my Biology faculty about anything. On the stretch through the Schroeder Family School of Business and Administration building, I would talk about how I had developed an awesome relationship with the Sociology Department, and, though I wasn’t a Sociology major or minor, one of the professors helped me study for the Psych/Soc portion of the MCAT, wrote me a letter of recommendation for medical school, and celebrated with me when I was accepted. Entering Ridgeway, I always mentioned the philanthropy events of various organizations and that faculty loved to come and judge events for us. These are just examples of the numerous stories and memories I have shared and hold dear.”  

Rachel Lawrence
Class of 2012

“UE was the first, and only, campus I visited during my undergraduate search. Sure, campus was nice, but I was drawn to the professors and what they said to me. I could talk to them. I could engage with them without feeling like I did not belong there. I felt like I had the right to be there and I was welcome. The professors offered me a place. It felt like home, and I decided to end my search. The faculty I met, took courses from, and spent any amount of time with gave me the tools and resources I needed to build a career and be successful in it, and all of my friends had similar experiences. The professors did this. When I visited recently, it felt tense and uncertain. It did not feel like home anymore. I am angry that UE, which prides itself on having some of the best academic programs and opportunities in the country, would choose to endanger its faculty and eliminate those who are being affected by these cuts from the decision-making processes.”

Ayrlia Welch
Class of 2019

“I love UE and I thought hard about how I could put into words just how much. It is because of the faculty. The faculty are the first ones we see on campus as wide-eyed freshman. They are the ones who sit in their offices with us planning our schedules and talking to us about our futures. They are the ones who ask us how we are doing when they notice we are acting just slightly different than usual. They are the ones who see our tears when we are frustrated with college life. They are the ones who snap pictures of us at conferences like proud parents. They are the ones who celebrate with us when we get accepted into grad school or get jobs. They are the ones we cry with as we hug them goodbye after graduation. And they are the ones we still keep in contact with when we leave. It’s not the administration. I do not donate to UE because of the administration or the sports programs. I donate to UE because I want the faculty to continue to provide excellent education to current students.”

Kelly Cyr
Class of 2010

“Your faculty IS your school. I have no lingering connections with the city of Evansville, no feelings warm or cold about the buildings or the administration or the campus. It is the experiences I had with that group of people and what they gave me in my education and in my personal life. They are incredible teachers, but also, we knew they cared about us. It was the faculty who looked out for us as freshmen and celebrated with us as seniors. They gave us opportunities to grow and to be challenged and supported simultaneously. They are UE’s greatest asset. They must be allowed back into the conversations about the future of the school, in accordance with the university’s own charter and the AAUP.”

Corey Astin Piel
Class of 2016

“I attended UE for all 4 years of my undergraduate degree in which I studied History. It was easily the most transformative 4 years of my life. I am from the small city of Kokomo, IN. I ended up doing so many things that I never would have done in high school at UE. I joined a fraternity, I participated in Bike Race multiple years, I actively made a goof of myself on stage for charity, and I made hundreds of life-long friends and countless memories with those I shared UE with from 2012-2016. However, I firmly believe that none of these experiences would have happened if it was not for the presence of the UE professors in my life. … From the education department who sparked my love for teaching to the math and science department who were able to give real life examples of how the world works around us, everything UE has become is because of the great professors that walk its halls.”

Elizabeth Elam
Class of 2007

“What made my education at the University of Evansville so stellar was not the pretty campus, the sports team or the administration. It was the faculty. I grew so much as a person, and this was due to the dedication, passion and empathy of those who taught me. I know that the faculty is currently straining every sinew to deliver a first-class education to students under the most challenging circumstances. That is why the administration’s current program evaluation process, leading to the deletion of key academic programs and essential faculty members, is a double blow. I know that this is a challenging time for all academic institutions. Decisions must be made with care, lest only a shell remain of our beloved university. Faculty need to have a voice in making those decisions.”

Brandi Price
Class of 2010

“I am an Alumni, class of 2010 and I support you all. My time at UE and Harlaxton were some of the best years of my life. It is not just words saying that Faculty were mentors and supported us as students. It was seen in their actions. Tireless editing of our papers. The annual department chili night competition. And most importantly their investment in our lives, not just in their class but outside. When my father passed away suddenly my freshman year, fall semester, right before midterms I was met with nothing but care, compassion, and understanding when I returned after going home for his funeral service. I still stay in touch with my professors today via Facebook.”

“I recently learned about impending cuts to essential tenured faculty positions and programs. As an alumnus of UE and a faculty member at Baylor University, I sympathize with the economic difficulties and uncertainties that this pandemic has caused. As a faculty member and faculty senator, I am, however, of the firm conviction that faculty must have a significant voice in all aspects of how an institution operates; shared governance and transparency are essential. I implore you to allow for a high degree of faculty involvement and input as difficult decisions are made; the faculty are the foundation of the institution and know the programs the best.”

Nathan Elkins
Class of 2002

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