Media Coverage

Evansville Courier & Press

UE announces furloughs, salary cuts in response to COVID-19 financial hit

University of Evansville faculty organizing over lack of input in rumored job cut

Letter | UE needs to get its priorities straight

UE students, alumni rally behind professors as job cuts loom

UE faculty senate to consider vote of no confidence in university president

UE president, board of trustees chair criticize proposed no confidence vote

UE faculty senate votes no confidence in university president

Letter | UE Faculty deserve to be heard

Viewpoint | Pietruszkiewicz misrepresented UE professors

UE trustees: ‘Full confidence’ in president after faculty senate votes otherwise

UE faculty vote ‘no confidence’ in Pietruszkiewicz amid study of university’s future

UE professors to have increased, non-voting presence on board committees

University of Evansville admin proposes cutting quarter of faculty, nixing 17 majors

Letter | UE cuts are like a ‘drive-by shooting’

Q&A with University of Evansville president on proposed job, program cuts

Viewpoint | Destroying the foundations of UE

What’s next after proposed job, program cuts at the University of Evansville?

Viewpoint | Cuts to UE programs are necessary

‘Prez P has got to go!’: University of Evansville students, faculty protest proposed cuts

Trustees quiet on draft plan for massive cuts to University of Evansville faculty, majors

Alumni: Cutting UE music department would have-lasting effects

Letter | Proposed cut with hurt UE, community

Letter | Don’t cut music program at UE

Letter | Proposed changes disrespectful to UE legacy

Letter | Cuts will not help UE survive

Letter | Proposed cuts are at odds with UE’s stated mission

Letter | UE gave me a leg up, reconsider cuts

Letter | UE leadership, where are your priorities?

Letter | Proposed cuts threaten future of university

University of Evansville Faculty Senate votes ‘no confidence’ in proposed cuts

University of Evansville faculty frustrated over ‘unsophisticated’ data behind draft plan

University of Evansville faculty take first steps toward writing own ‘alignment plan’

Letter | Don’t cut the heart of UE

Alfred Savia: Cutting UE’s music department would be ‘devastating’ for Philharmonic

Viewpoint | Don’t rush to judgment on UE data, either

UE trustees ‘thoroughly support’ admin as faculty ask for more data, time to make own plan

University of Evansville gives faculty more time for input on ‘alignment’ plan

Letter | So much for ‘shared governance’ at UE

A look back at the community reach of the University of Evansville’s music department

Viewpoint | It’s time to face some hard facts about UE athletics

Local Television Coverage

WEHT: UE No-Confidence vote passes

WEHT: UE students, alum and faculty rally for WUEV’s future

WEHT: Brad Byrd InDepth: UE academic battle

WEHT: Brad Byrd inDepth: UE No Confidence vote

WEHT: University of Evansville board issues statement after no-confidence vote

WEHT: UE announces realignment plan, calls for elimination of several departments and majors

WEHT: Brad Byrd InDEPTH: UE’s academic realignment plan

WEHT: Brad Byrd InDEPTH: UE Faculty receives termination notices

WEHT: Brad Byrd InDEPTH: UE faculty member responds to Pietruszkiewicz, realignment extension

WFIE: UE Faculty Unites to form Save UE Campaign

WFIE: UE Faculty Senate passes vote of no confidence

WFIE: UE Board of Trustees releases statement on ‘no confidence’ vote

WFIE: UE students protest academic realignment proposals

WFIE: UE completes faculty-wide vote in President’s draft academic plan

WFIE: Discussion period for UE realignment plan extended

WFIE: UE Faculty Senate passes resolution asking President to clarify realignment process

Tristate homepage: University officials respond to ‘Save UE’ group

Tristate homepage: Save UE rally demands increased transparency

Tristate homepage: University of Evansville board issues statement after no-confidence vote, professors group sends petition

Tristate homepage: UE faculty plans to fight proposed cuts

Tristate homepage: Alumna unhappy with UE’s academic realignment plan

Tristate homepage: American Academy of Religion disapproves of UE’s proposal to cut Religion department

Tristate homepage: Mayor Winnecke reacts to UE’s proposed changes

Tristate homepage: UE faculty members to propose another realignment plan

Tristate homepage: UE graduates speaking out over proposed realignment plan

Tristate homepage: Evansville Board of Trustees reject alternative realignment proposal

Tristate homepage: UE students react to comment period extension of realignment plan

Other Media Coverage

Newsbreak: Faculty form group to ‘Save UE’

Newsbreak: University officials respond to ‘Save UE’ group

City-County Observer: Save UE Campaign Aims for Collaborative Approach to University’s Future

City-County Observer: UE AAUP Supports Faculty No Confidence Vote in President

Indiana Economic Digest: University of Evansville faculty senate votes no confidence in school president Christopher Pietruszkiewicz (reprint of EC&P story)

Inside Higher Ed: College of Saint Rose, U of Evansville and Marquette see severe cuts proposed

Diverse: Issues in Higher Education: University of Evansville Faculty Senate Votes “No Confidence” to Controversial Academic Plan

Forbes: University of Evansville Faculty Vote No Confidence in Academic Cutback Plan

WNIN: Proposed UE Moves Could Affect Accreditation

WNIN: Faculty Votes Yes, UE Trustees Say No to More Input

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